Joe Breedon Harmony Festival Show

7:00pm, Sat, Sep 28 2019

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Performance
    Duration: 2 hour
    Venue: 214 Partin Dr S,
    Niceville, FL 32578
    Description: Joe Breedon Harmony Festival Show
    The 31 annual Joe Breedon Harmony Festival show is the culmination of a weekend of training for singers who enjoy singing 4 part barbaershop harmony. These singers are part of choruses and quartets from Mobile Alabama to Talahassee Florida. They are also from local high schools like Niceville, Rock Bayou, and Crestview.
    Come and watch individual Mens, Womens and Mixed choruses participate in friendly compitition for a traveling trophy for each group and see the winning quartets from a contest held earlier that afternoon. Next individual Mens, Womens, and Mixed choruses combine and perform together. Then finally all choruses will join together for a final 8 part song making this possibly one of the largest choruses of between 100 - 200 people. This will be a powerful night of barbershop harmony you will not want to miss it.